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A Domestic Referral Agency (DRA) operates under California Civil Code 1812.50.

As a DRA, we contract and register Professional Care Providers for home care services to referrals (clients). Professional Care Providers receive referral (client) job offers on the days, times and locations of their choice. 24/7 Family Home Care is not the employer of the Professional Care Providers contracted for its Registry.

As a DRA operating under California Civil Code 1812.50, we register Professional Care Providers to refer to senior clients for non-medical home care. This law code 1812.50 provides for a business model that allows control for the Client and the Professional Care Provider. The Client and the Care Provider decide the types of services to be performed and when. The Client and the Professional Care Provider can discuss together scheduling, and negotiate payment rate. The Professional Care Provider controls the performance of the services.

Why a DRA?

There is a wide range of Professional Care Providers for Clients to choose from with scheduling flexibility, and at affordable rates. Clients get experienced and screened Professional Care Providers. The Agency also verifies that Clients are satisfied with the referred Professional Care Provider they have selected.

Domestic Referral Agencies (DRA) operate under California Code Section 1812.50. This law code allows total control between the Client and the Professional Care Provider). The Client and the Care Provider decide the types of services to be performed and when.

The Client can discuss scheduling, and payment negotiations, directly with the Professional Care Provider. The Professional Care Provider controls the performance of the services.

Where do these Care Providers come from?

Professional Care Providers have a minimum of 3 years hands on experience with all aspects of caregiving. The Agency does check professional caregiving references to verify their experience.

It is this Agency’s policy to only contract Professional Care Providers with a “Registered” (cleared) ID Number with the California State Registry For Home Care Aides under The California Protection Act.

What if one should have an issue with their current Care Provider? 

The beauty of the business model of a DRA under code 1812.50 is that the Client can communicate directly with their Professional Care Providers about any issues or concerns.

The Client decides whether or not to keep or to terminate a Professional Care Provider. If the Client does decide to terminate a Professional Care Provider, Client simply informs the Agency of their decision, and then they can request a different Professional Care Provider be referred.

24/7 Family Home Care Referral Agency is not the employer of the Professional Domestic Worker referred to you. 24/7 Family Home Care operates under California Civil Code 1812.50 as a Domestic Referral Agency (DRA).
The Professional Domestic Worker may be your employee depending on the relationship you have with them. For example: If you direct and control the manner and means by which they perform their work – you may have employer responsibilities, including employment tax and workers compensation under state and federal law.
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